His moment: Tyrhone’s first flight

This guy.

Tyrhone. Named after Tyrone Power but with an extra ‘h’.

We’ve fought so many times, almost-broken up 536 times.  It hurts, staying together through everything. “Hurt people hurt people,” we say to each other in an ironic way today.

Today, when things are so much lighter than they once were.


He hates it when people misuse that word, but I can say it because the day before yesterday he literally flew into the air like a bird. Before my eyes, when I went to pick him up on his first day of training.

They’re just practicing on the ground, I thought as I watched him extend the glider above his head and run like hell with a propeller strapped to his back.

Then up, and up.

Holy shit. I did not expect that.

Actually, the words I used were more harsh than that. I was in shock. He wasn’t meant to fly till day three.

I watched him soar above me. I dare not wave or hoot or show any sign of celebration until he landed. I just cried.

I cried for him, the kid from South Africa who knew what hunger felt like (literally) yet dreamed of flying to the moon.

The kid without a dad, or an education, or a hope in hell. The weird kid, the shy kid, the kid I’ve gotten to know through the man I love.

The abused kid, the misunderstood kid, the married and divorced kid. The kid who gutted fish in a factory in Scotland at seventeen to help his family. The kid who’s always worked shit jobs and saved his money. The guy who teases his Mum, lectures his little sister, provokes his brother and loves them all.

The guy who forgives, and moves on. Blames no-one. Expects nothing from the world and has received no free passes or paved pathways. He’s found his own way and he likes it that way. He doesn’t like to dwell on what was.

The past is the past; it’s over, he says.

It sure is.

This is his moment, I think. This is his. Very few things in his life have been for himself.

Tears are streaming down my face and my heart is exploding with love for this guy; the kid and the man. The man who has made my life so amazing. The man I wanted to be friends with when I met him at a music festival seven years ago, without the faintest idea of how he would change me.

The man who taught himself design while doing night security in London. The man who watched Photoshop tutorials while the other guards watched porn. The man who has taken more crap from crap bosses than anyone I know. The man who is his own boss now. Literally.

It’s such an honour to witness this moment.

It’s such an honour to be part of the journey which has led to it, an honour to love and be loved by this guy, who is almost unrecognizable from the guy I met at the music festival.

We shouldn’t have made it after everything we went through together. The odds were against us. Two dysfunctional people from dysfunctional families (who we love) from opposite ends of the earth, hurting and healing each other.

But mostly healing.

He’s taught me so much by being so different from me, by being so very uniquely him. It used to infuriate me, his refusal to fit in. Now, I see what a blessing it is. By all accounts he shouldn’t really be up there, soaring over the drought-stricken, cracked Californian earth. I shouldn’t be standing below watching and crying and holding my breath.

I think it’s because of something bigger than us that we are here having this experience, but he would disagree. He’s a staunch atheist. How someone can be so kind, so humble and so patient without a belief in a God, I don’t know. What I do know is that he has taught me more about being a good person than any belief system ever has.

He’s thinking about none of this of course as he listens to his instructor Joe through the radio, guiding him to his first ever landing. If putting your life in the hands of a bloke you just met is not faith, then I don’t know what is.

As his legs wriggle free of the seat, dangling in the air above me, I’m praying in a really old-fashioned way which I am far too cool to do most of the time. I understand then that love and fear are very much intertwined for me.

After he lands his elation is visceral; his smile as real and true as I’m ever likely to see on him.

He did it. No matter what happens after this, he had his moment of greatness.

It was all worth it, I think as I run toward him to congratulate him.

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His moment: Tyrhone’s first flight — 43 Comments

  1. this is HUGE and EPIC and totes amazeballs!!! i am so excited for him, for you, for everything this moment represents! so happy he got to take flight. if anyone deserves to, it’s BOS. xoxoxooxx
    holly recently posted..i’ll never…My Profile

  2. I’ve just fallen in love with the both of you all over again! And… if you are truly in California right now, you’d better get your arses up here to IDAHO!!!!! I will spoil you rotten! And bring that sister of yours, although it is cold up here. She may not come… just don’t tell her where you’re bringing her! Hahaha! Love you truly, madly, deeply.

    • Thank you so much Daisy!!! Love you too!! And I would loooove that so much. This is a short trip to do his training before we head to Guatemala but we will definitely be back stateside in the future and I can’t wait to take you up on your offer. I love being spoiled :-)

  3. Awww, this is just SO SWEET. I could practically feel your heart exploding all over this blog – I think I’m still wiping it off my screen :-) I just love this kind of writing from the heart. So very very happy for you two. If you’re still out there in San Fran when Ryan and I get there (in May/June?), I’ll have to come witness this flying business myself. But I might have to cover Ryan’s eyes. He’s easily influenced — the next thing I know he’ll be going after flying lessons himself. And I’ll be thinking “That Tyrhone’s a bad influence.” :-)
    Tasha | Turf to Surf recently posted..Coolgardie, Western Australia: Worth its weight in goldMy Profile

    • Hahaha! How gross!! Thanks so much Tasha, definitely do not allow him to google Blackhawk Paramotors in Valley Springs then, you may not be able to save the situation!!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful hearing about your wonderful relationship. How are you enjoying the us? I’m over here too for six weeks, in Arizona atm. Love kaz xxx

    • Hey Kaz!!! Wow, we were in the same country! We enjoyed our time,though it was a short trip focused on the flying. The people were very friendly. Good to be back in Mexico though, it feels more like home. Have an awesome trip honey, lots of love xoxo

  5. It was really great to meet both of you guys and be part of something so special. You hid your fear very well I had no idea how scared you were:). That first day was truly amazing and I tell you I was so tired and sore from the training I would have been happy to call it a day till Ty got up in the air, then I knew I had to do it too. When I got home I told my wife about the 2 interesting people I met that were traveling the world. You guys are very special people and I look forward to swapping our flying adventures.

    • Billy!!! So lovely to hear from you, it was great to meet you and see you get up in the air for the first time too. What a moment! Also thank you for your excellent Go Pro skills, you did such a great job of capturing Tyrhone’s flight! Much better than mine of you, but I will find a way to get it to you!! All the best with your future flights and your upcoming vacation with your family. Enjoy! :-)

    • Ha! Our relationship is probably the LEAST perfect and MOST messy that I know of, and that goes for us as individuals too. But thank you Carmel, we certainly have a lot of Love xoxo

  6. Such a beautiful post, Sarah….amazing writing! I cried at the photo of Tyrhone smiling! I love getting your emails in my inbox…they are such a pleasure to read. I want to pack my bag and follow you guys around the world! X