A short one today. My Mum’s time in Mexico is coming to an end and I’m so grateful for the amazing time we’ve had. She has become a local in these parts as I knew she would, making friends and connections independent of me which just reminds me of what a wonderful person she is – positive, happy and generous.

Our time has been made even better by my friend Lisa and her Mom, Diane. Lisa lives here and her Mom planned a visit at the same time as mine. Diane rented a two bedroom apartment right on the popular pedestrian avenue, La Quinta, and was looking for a roommate.

The timing couldn’t have been better, so I signed Mum up without meeting Diane or seeing inside the apartment, hoping it would all work out.

It did.

I have loved getting to know Diane, who is from country Pennsylvania. I have loved hearing the stories about hunting and stoking fires and plowing snow – a world more foreign to me than the Mexican one we find ourselves in.

We have laughed and laughed, mostly on the balcony overlooking Fifth avenue as we watch the comings and goings of the tourists below. Some of the things we have seen, cannot be repeated. Mum and Diane have had their own adventures and escapades, and it’s been so wonderful to experience Playa del Carmen through their eyes.

They are both single, independent, positive, generous women. They are fun to be around. It actually brings tears to my eyes to think that I will visit Diane next week and my Mum’s great big King bed will be empty, with no CSI marathons running on the TV.

And more sadness that soon after, when Diane leaves, the balcony on the corner of 20th and 5th will not be mine to wander up to, to sit, and laugh, to talk, to listen, and make up convoluted stories about the passers by below.

But today, I’m thankful for the time we have had, which unfolded in the best possible way, with little planning or scheming and a lot of faith, laughter and love.

And I’m thankful that I will be celebrating my first ever Thanksgiving today, with family and friends who have become like family, in a foreign country which has become like home.

Here are some photos from our pre-Thanksgiving celebration on Tuesday at Mum and Diane’s:

Wonderful ladies: Lisa, Patty, Mum, Diane, Alison

The bird…

The spread…

Beautiful Shelly…

Our friend Jorge...

Jorge in a food coma, and me, ready for seconds…


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Thankful — 12 Comments

  1. Your mum sounds amazing! You have carved out such a special place for yourselves there in Mexico, and it’s wonderful that you can share this with the people you love in such a way that they feel free to find there own connections there too. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah – though we didn’t celebrate it, I offer my thanks to the Universe for all the wonderful people in my life. Thank you for being a part of it x
    Hannah recently posted..La vie en roseMy Profile

    • Thank you Hannah! Yes she is, it was so great to have this experience together, as I’m sure you felt when you returned home to see your family. Phew! it’s certainly been a big year, hey? Thank you for being a part of my journey too, lots of love xxx

  2. I love that your mom had her own apartment and made her own friends. It all sounds like a dream. I’m so glad you’ve had such a great time with her. Happy Thanksgiving ( a few days late)

    • You too Kim! Yes, it all just fell into place so well and she absolutely loved it here. Her roommate has even invited her back for next year, even though we don’t know where we will be! It might be a case of HER inviting me back to Playa del Carmen next year!

  3. I just wrote a post about our Thanksgiving memories and here you’ve written about your very first Thanksgiving – and spent in Mexico! How cool is that and you got to spend it with your mum! Now that’s a memorable Thanksgiving!
    Patti recently posted..Mountain Memories ~My Profile

    • Yes, we don’t celebrate it in Australia, but I am in love with holiday and was very blessed to spend it with some wonderful American, Canadian and Mexican friends as well as my Mum. I hope you had a wonderful one, all the best for your upcoming adventure! xxx