A Little Story From the Yoga Room…

Toward the end of yoga class this morning, we practiced headstands. It’s been a while since I’ve done one, so my body forgot how to do it. I positioned myself as instructed, feeling the weight of my torso over my forearms which pressed into the mat, cradling the back of my head in my clasped hands.

I kicked my legs up, which came about 10cm off the mat before coming down with a thump.

I kicked again, and again, and again, getting a little higher but not managing to find either the balance or the confidence to extend my legs skyward above the rest of me.

I wasn’t particularly bothered about this, however. I just kept kicking, knowing that eventually, maybe next week, or the week after, my body would build the memory and my mind the confidence necessary to achieve the pose.

No biggie, it was fun to try.

After a while, kicking up got tiresome, so I rested with my feet and knees on the floor and my head in my hands and breathed.

Next to me in the back row, my ‘yoga friend’ (i.e someone I smile and chat to before yoga class) Miguel, was perfectly balanced in a strong, straight headstand.

I was impressed.

When he came down, I broke my normal behaviour of keeping myself to myself and gave him a mini round of applause and said, “Well done.”

“Try again,” he said to me encouragingly, motioning that he would too.

“Okay,” I replied, and we positioned ourselves in preparation.

My legs rose effortlessly upwards, my forearms shifted into perfect balance beneath me, and I found myself in a strong, straight headstand for about twenty seconds.

Miguel came down and I stayed up, pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I felt in the pose.

When I came down, he didn’t seem too surprised, merely giving me a mini round of applause and offering a knowing, “Well done.”

“Gracias,” I replied, really meaning it. I know he did it for me, because he believed I could when I wasn’t sure.

After class I met Tyrhone in the main gym area and told him the story.

“I think Miguel is a mystical Mayan shaman,” I told him, half teasing because I know how much he loves ‘spiritual hocus pocus’.

And while this could be one possible explanation, another could be that when someone else says we can and offers to try right along side us, we can do things we never gave ourselves credit to be able to do before.

We can believe in each other and try along side each other and make magic happen. I wouldn’t have gotten up in a headstand today without Miguel’s encouragement, just as I wouldn’t have embarked on this life of freedom and adventure without Tyrhone’s, or continued writing without yours.

I wanted to share this little piece of magic I experienced today with you because I think that believing in someone else, especially when they don’t, is the greatest gift we can give them.

Thank you for believing in me when I don’t (which is often), because it allows me to do things I never thought I could.

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P.S Tyrhone has a newly designed blog, where you will find stories which are very different to this…


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  1. How is it that 90% of your posts bring tears to my eyes?! As you probably know I’ve taken a hiatus from writing, not intentionally entirely, but I just need(ed) a push from my peers. So happy to see that you’re still honoring yourself with yoga and writing, and all of the other things you set out to do when you embarked on this journey – the outcomes are magnificent, keep it up. P.S. Tyrhone’s new site looks awesome!
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  2. Thanks for the post. Maybe it will get me started writing again. I miss having your encouragement and support.

  3. Ohh Sarah, my heart swelled while reading this. You have a real knack for seeing the heart in people and yourself, and influencing us with it. Thank you. Jill

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