Living like the Kardashians

You know how I said my sister’s visit was bittersweet? Well, it’s time to cover the sweet. I planned to book Holly in for a luxury stay for the first few days of her visit and had narrowed the search down to a couple of places when Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen invited us to stay in three of their luxurious properties over the course of five nights. I was ecstatic to treat my sister to some Kardashian-worthy digs, since I had recently lured her to the dark side of reality television viewing.

You see,when I visited her in Vegas, I revealed my love for the show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ (and of course the spin off shows ‘Khloe and Lamar’ and ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York’, but that goes without saying…). She was nothing short of horrified by my tacky taste in television before launching into every single thing she found annoying about the spoiled, shallow family.

“Give them a chance,” I told her, indignant. “Yes, Kourtney speaks rather slowly but I actually admire her calmness while she raises two kids in the face of Scott’s playboy behaviour , and yes, Kris cries like, all the time, but she is the glue that holds that family together…” and on, and on…

Feel free to judge me, but everyone needs their vice, and watching an Armenian/American family who are famous for being famous is a not-very-guilty pleasure of mine. It’s my one hour of zone-out time per week, which Tyrhone refers to as ‘my show’, knowing that he doesn’t get to ask me for anything during ‘my show’, which, I might add he takes quite an interest in himself.

After I returned home, I received a facebook message from Holly which read, Bruce is going deaf and Rob is depressed because of his weight and… on and on. She was hooked.

I can’t believe you got me into this, she ended the message with.

You’re welcome, I wanted to reply, but instead I just smiled a sinister smile like I would imagine an evil cult leader to make when he recruits a new follower.

The Chamberlains take Playa del Carmen

So when we showed Holly to her suite at the Maya Villa, our first stop on the ‘Chamberlains Take Playa del Carmen’ tour, she was as excited as Kim Kardashian at a Botox party (almost).

Kim’s, ahem, Holly’s room overlooked a tropical garden and a green tiled Jacuzzi which I took great pride in revealing was actually the ‘head’ of the gecko-shaped pool, complete with mozaic-tiled feet.

It was, as the K-dash girls would say, “SO CUTE!”

Next stop was the El Taj, which has become a home-away-from-home for me of late, at least I like to think of it as such. Our two night stay consisted of pretty much hauling ourselves from the pool, to the Jacuzzi to the beach and back to the pool… Yep, it was pretty tough…

Then juust as we were getting bored of all the luxury, it was time to move to our final destination, the Porto Playa. The doorman led us to our PENTHOUSE overlooking the cascading, two-level pool and we thought we’d died and gone to reality TV star heaven.

My curiosity lead me up another staircase above our apartment, and only then did I discover our own private roof terrace complete with an outdoor kitchen, Jacuzzi, sun lounges and a thatched palapa.

“Shut the front door!” I said to Tyrhone and Holly as I stood at the glass doors of the apartment, panting from scurrying down the stairs to reveal my news (which was kind of ironic, since they wouldn’t be able to hear me if they did shut the front door).

“We’ve got our own terrace with a SPA!” I said, which, looking back was very un-Kardashian like, and all too Chamberlain like, making me realize that living the high life is only fun when you don’t get to do it very often. It makes it more exciting.

I actually feel a little sorry for those poor Kardashian girls who live like this all the time and probably forget to appreciate it.

Kinda, but not really.

Porto Playa

El taj


*Our stay was provided by Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen, because… we’re that awesome 😉

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Living like the Kardashians — 28 Comments

  1. Your own spa!!!! I’m jealous. What a stunning place. And a funny article, too, Sarah. I was giggling the whole time.

  2. Hello Sarah! Great article – a wonderful read for the middle of the afternoon!

    I just read your “What Does it Cost to go to Pai” article and I wanted to comment so badly but the comments must have been closed. I really, really want to go to Thailand after I graduate…and that article really solidified that! That pictures were awesome – I’m not so sure about the hot bath thought haha!

    Anyway, I love coming to your blog – I always learn so much.

    Marissa Carnahan recently posted..East Coast of Florida – Eat Your Breakfast By The OceanMy Profile

    • Thank you Marissa – your blog is looking great too!! I miss Thailand quite a bit, mostly for the food, okay it’s all about the food!!! So cheap, so good. Thanks for your kind words, sorry the comments are closed, It’s never on purpose but generally a result of my computer illiteracy :-)

  3. thank you soooooo much, condo hotels of playa del carmen! your hospitality was impeccable! such luxury! such fun! it was wonderful to feel so spoiled. thank you, sarah, for arranging the whole trip. you definitely know how to pick ’em! kardashians/chamberlains… we have so much in common.

    • We do. I just can’t go for fro-yo without being accosted by the paparazzi. They even wanted me to pose in the water at the beach the other day, like right in the sand!!!! So I did, of course…

    • Hahahaha! You would have fit right in, you and Kim have so much in common except for the fact that your baby daddy is not Kanye West. But that is the only difference. Love you – bible :-)

  4. There is of course the old saying, money can’t buy happiness, right? A couple of years ago we stayed at a Hilton just outside of Cabo San Lucas that looked a lot like the combination of resorts in which you just basked. We were floating in the infinity pool with our frozen drink (you know the kind with the cute little umbrellas?)when I looked at Abi and said, I know money can’t buy happiness but money bought this and I’m pretty damn happy. I’m guessing you were pretty damn happy as well. Fun post!
    Patti recently posted..Route 66: Tucumcari, NM – Who Knew?!My Profile

  5. Wow, wow, wow – that place looks like absolute heaven. What a great way for Holly to experience Playa. Be loud and proud about your Kardashian habit!! It’s better than hillbilly hand fishing which is Paul’s new obsession!

  6. Oh hello Sarah Kardashian, can I please be your adopted sister? Love all your Playa cribs! You guys deserve all those fun and luxuries. I love your twist of comedy in this post; made me laugh so hard people think I was crazy in the subway.
    Marisol recently posted..Melbourne ImpressionsMy Profile

  7. Oh holy hell. That’s so awesome!

    Of course everyone needs a guilty pleasure show. I listen to this podcast called “Pop Culture Happy Hour” and one of the participants defended Keeping Up with the Kardashians as a good show. Not sure I’d watch it, but I can see why people do. :)

    Glad you guys had a little luxury for your sister’s visit!
    Carmel recently posted..ON WRITINGMy Profile

      • I don’t watch too much tv anymore. We watch a lot of Netflix, but back when I did watch more tv, I watched America’s Next Top model. I got hooked on it because I knew a girl competing in the 3rd (?) season. Then I dubbed it the “skinny bitches” show (I know, totally unfair) and started watching it with friends. Mostly to make fun of Tyra Banks.
        Carmel recently posted..ON WRITINGMy Profile

  8. Nice work making me click through from my RSS reader even though the title contains a name that usually makes me run the other way :-)

    Glad you appreciated the freebie! Here in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I am writing from, I heard a story of a famous Hollywood actor who at a restaurant said he does not pay for his meals, because you know, he’s XY and they get to put a photo of him with the owner on the wall by the entrance. They refused to let him leave without paying anyway.
    Peter Korchnak recently posted..Five reasons to visit SlovakiaMy Profile

    • Ha! That’s so funny, there is something every wrong with the world when rich people get stuff for free! They should be buying everyone else dinner!!!! Thanks for dropping your moral code and stopping by 😉 What an interesting part of the world that must be!!!