Dear Life, Thank You

It was difficult to decide what to write about after my last post! So I decided to do what I always do when I’m unsure of what’s next – take a moment to pause and be grateful for what I have. It always fills me with contentment and the knowledge that I’m on the right path. I wrote the following post as part of my friend Kim’s Dear Life series, published every Monday on her blog, So Many Places. It certainly did the trick for me! I also want to thank each and every one of you for your messages of support and encouragement in the last week, I am truly blown away by your kindness!

thank you beach

07/08/13, Playa del Carmen, Mexico,  10:35 A.M

Dear life,

Thank you for this wonderful journey you’ve given me; for every single second you have blessed me with. Thank you for shaping me with every challenge and triumph, every tear and tender moment. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thank you for always taking care of me; for always knowing what is best, especially when I don’t.

Thank you for my friends. They are all over the world and fill me with so much love every single day, even the ones I’ve never met in person. Especially them. The fact that they read my words every week fills me with so much joy my heart could explode.

Thank you for my family, who love me no matter what, especially my Mum, who is the greatest example of unconditional love I am ever likely to know.

Thank you for my sisters, who made me an Aunt and have both taught me so much about life and Motherhood. Thank you for my nieces Olivia and Sophie, and for my nephew, Mason. Thank you for allowing me to meet him and be touched by his life. Who knew that he would teach me so much, making me want to live more openly and honestly in honour of his memory?

You did.

Thank you for my father, who gave you to me. Or did you give me to him? Either way, he continues to teach me even in death and fills me with more forgiveness, compassion and understanding every day. Thank you for my intimate knowledge of the powerful disease of alcoholism, and for guiding me to recovery; by far the most precious gift and greatest responsibility you have ever bestowed upon me.

Thank you for every single person who has shared their own story of recovery with me. They are my greatest healers and biggest teachers. Thank you for allowing me to pass that gift of healing on to someone else.

Thank you for my partner, Tyrhone, who infuriates and delights me in equal measure; who continually challenges me to be better, and makes me shake with laughter like no one else on this planet can. Seriously, thank you for sending this man into my life, and for teaching me that real, true love is so much bigger than just two people.

Thank you for yoga. Thank you for teaching me that when I move my body, I still my mind.

Thank you for the little things that make me happy like colorful clothes, the smell of incense and pedicures. And COFFEE. Rich, smooth delicious coffee. Thank you for allowing me to consume it sensibly, because I really, really don’t wanna give this one up.

thank you coffee

Thank you for bringing me to Mexico, a place I never imagined would become my home; one that I truly adore every single day, and which has brought me so much healing and happiness. Thank you, oh God, thank you for the sea. It’s my temple, my church, and the place at which I am most reminded of the healing power of nature.

Thank you for delicious food. I am so lucky not only to have enough to eat, but to be able to choose from such a variety of fresh, delicious flavours that rock my world. Thank you for ice-cream; it is seriously some of your best work.

thank you ice cream

Thank you for cool, clean drinking water, my comfortable, simple home and my friendly neighbours. Thank you for Wilberth, our hard-working caretaker who makes me smile every morning as he greets me with, “Buenas dias senorita!” Thank you for the language barrier between us which enables us to communicate in smiles, gestures and laughter, like children.

Thank you for teaching me that just like people, if I appreciate you every day, and tell you how special you are to me, you continue to shower me with gifts beyond my wildest dreams.

Seriously, life, thank you for being mine and thank you for choosing me to be yours. I love you.

Share your own messages of gratitude in the comments below, or write your very own Dear Life letter and send it to Kim if you would like it published on her blog!

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Dear Life, Thank You — 24 Comments

    • Hey Jo, its a good tool this gratitude stuff. Harder to do when you are struggling though! I’m sorry for whatever you are going through xoxoxo

  1. Lovely letter Sarah – want to hear something funny? I just for the first time accidentally moved my mouse over your about photo on your home page and it freaked me out because your face and eyes moved! :o) I love it though!
    Patti recently posted..Who Doesn’t Love a Giveaway?!My Profile

  2. Thank you so much for reminding me to be thankful for life! It’s easy sometimes to get caught up in a negativity spin, but really, there’s so much amazing all around us at any given moment. Like your blog, for instance :)
    Amber recently posted..Lumphini Park: Breathe FreeMy Profile

  3. I just read your blog again, first thing on a sweet Sunday morning. Thank you Sarah for being in my life and thank you for touching my heart.

    • Thanks Tammy, yes, I bet you are constantly reminded of how tough some people truly have it. Keep up the important work and thank you for dong what you do!!! :)

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  5. Thank you Sarah for sharing your blog with the world. This post is the perfect reminder about gratitude for everyone, including me. I actually have a rock that sits in my jumper I wear every day, so every time I touch it I say something I am thankful for. I have had the rock for nearly 3 years now, and I have had so much success from it. So thank you rock. Jill
    Jill – Just Love Yourself recently posted..On The Road AgainMy Profile

  6. I started following your blog because I love Playa, but am finding that I’m beginning to love you a little. Perhaps we will meet one day in Playa.