Cenote and Ceviche Fun with Jimmy Dau

Jimmy Dau is in town. What, you haven’t heard of him? Have you been living under a ROCK?! This guy is big, huge, a force to be reckoned with. If you don’t know him, you should. Google him immediately.

The above statement may or may not be true, but it feels more on the true side to me. I’ve only known Jimmy in real life for a few days; and for a few months online before that. The Sydney-sider started his blog, Jimmy Eats World in the lead up to his central and South American traveling food odyssey.

I hoped my blog-dar wasn’t off on this one. I had high hopes for Jimmy Dau; I didn’t want him to let me down.

He didn’t.

It’s not Jim, or Jimmy, It’s Jimmy Dau, one of those names that rolls of the tongue and is destined for fame.

In the hope that he remembers us when he lands his world-traveling cooking, eating and food-worshiping television series (Jimmy Eats World, Series 1), we’ve taken him to a few of our favourite eating spots (more on that later), and a local cenote.

We caught the collectivo to Cenote Cristallino, one of the many nearby. It was his first cenote experience, so we wanted it to be special.

Cenote Cristallino

We wanted to impress him in case he ever has the need for a extra couple pairs of hands to hold the boom mike or dab his chin with a napkin while he sings the praises of offal, tripe or one of the other hideous things he likes to eat because he’s Jimmy Dau!

Jimmy Dau Cenote Cristallino

He seemed to enjoy it.

We snorkeled through the cool, clear waters, teasing the grown men who hesitated at the top of the rocky ledge overhanging the pool while kids as young a five threw themselves off with reckless abandon.

Cenote Cristallino jump

Cenote cristallino

I challenged myself to do the jump, even though heights terrify me.

I did it, twice, so I must be getting over my fear…

I peer pressured Jimmy Dau into doing it too, as friends do, just as I’m peer pressuring him to re-design his blog and aim high with it. It’s nice having someone to tell what to do so I can feel an exaggerated sense of self-importance. When he does land the six-series TV deal, he’ll say, “Thank God I listened to that Sarah Somewhere girl, I’d be nothing without her.”

And I’ll look at him and say, “Aw shucks Jimmy, that’s nice of you to say, but you were always destined for the big time – you’re Jimmy Dau!” Which will of course be a lie. I’ll take full responsibility for his every success, cutting out newspaper clippings and magazine articles, wall-papering my one room Palapa with his face and living vicariously through his success.

And next to the ‘One Hundred Faces of Jimmy Dau’ will be the photos of us together; memories of the day we spent at Cenote Cristallino, ‘The Good Old Days’ before he hit the big time and moved on to better things.

Jmmy Dau Cenote Cristallino

“Remember when we pretended to be Asian tourists?” I’ll say to my life-size Jimmy Dau cardboard cut-out propped up in the corner.

Tyrhone and I will hold hands and jump up into the air, recalling the magical day when Jimmy Dau filmed us jumping into the cenote on his Go Pro …


Then we’ll sit around with the cardboard Jimmy over a large platter of ceviche, jesting over his ambivalence about avocado, shaking our heads in gentle mocking and saying, “But we’re in Mexico Jimmy, you have to eat avocado!”

Jimmy Dau ceviche

We’ll imagine him telling us, “It’s a textural thing,” and just like that, we will have re-lived our fun day of cenotes and ceviche with the infamous, force-to-be-reckoned-with, one of a kind culinary genious, JIMMY DAU.

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Cenote and Ceviche Fun with Jimmy Dau — 22 Comments

  1. What a fun day! I am still completely enamored with cenotes, a sure sign I need to make it to Mexico/Latin America asap. I cannot get over how gorgeous the water in them always looks; so blue but so clear!

    I cannot wait for the day when our paths cross and you take me on an eating tour of your favorite haunts… Tony & I are full-fledged avocado lovers so you’ll get no complaints from us! 😉
    Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) recently posted..A Man Named ApocalypseMy Profile

  2. I had that Jimmy Recard song in my head the whole time I was reading that post! Sounds like a fun, awesome day!! X

      • No- it’s an aussie hip-hop song (?) by Drapht. Listen to it- you’ll see why it came into my head (and didn’t leave for a coupla days!!) I do love Junmy Eat World too. Praise chorus always reminds me of our Europe adventure x

  3. Hi Sarah, what a fun time you had with your friend Jimmy. That cenote looks spectacular. Can’t believe how clear and colorful the water is. I can feel how refreshing it is by just looking at the photo. I look forward to checking out Jimmy’s website. Wishing him success in his show.
    Marisol recently posted..Beng Mealea: The Ultimate Indiana Jones ExperienceMy Profile

    • Thanks Marisol, My imagination may have gotten a little carried away on the tv show part… But he has cooked for us three times and is a seriously good cook, not to mention an all round nice guy. Tyrhone just re designed his website a bit, so it should be up and running now :)

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