Back in London Town Where it All Began

It’s been interesting being back in London, where Tyrhone and I met six and a half years ago. In 2005 I accepted a basing in London with the airline I worked for. Tyrhone, originally from South Africa, had been living and working in London for about eight years by the time we met at the Reading Music festival in 2006.

Reading festival 2006

Us at 25, young, naive and skinny….

Being here has brought back a lot of memories, mostly good, though I cringe at some of them; me at 25, set loose in a world of travel, parties, festivals and horrific hangovers, squeezing in an almost full-time job as a flight attendant and the requisite jet-lag inducing, long-haul flights to Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

My group of friends were predominantly Australian, mostly transplants from my hometown, and all living the right-of-passage, working holiday (a case of work-not-very-hard and play harder). We travelled fast – weekends in Paris and Prague;  snowboarding in Austria and Switzerland; jaunts to Spain and Italy – and we partied hard, especially at the various festivals and concerts we saved our meager wages to attend.

Tyrhone hadn’t done a lot of travelling for fun; at seventeen he moved to Scotland to work in a fish factory, attempting to save enough money to help his Mum and sister emigrate to the UK.  Afterwards he moved to London to make his millions as a personal trainer, then a movie props maker (his artistic creations appear in the Mummy Returns!), then as a night-security guard at the London Stock Exchange.

Our first trip abroad together was to Hungary, of all places. Our friend Marty was there exploring his heritage and we thought we’d crash the free accommodation he had at a relative’s vacant home (the great friends that we were).

After Tyrhone received his British passport we were off and running, adding Morocco, Egypt, Greece and Turkey to our repertoire of countries visited.

Delphi, Greece

Delphi, Greece, 2007. Don’t ask…

Two years after we met, my contract in London was up. He boarded a plane to Australia with me to live in a country he’d never visited before.

In Perth we acquired a second mortgage in addition to the one I already had.  Tyrhone earned his stripes at his first graphic design job (he taught himself Photoshop during the long night shifts at the Stock Exchange), and I settled into domestic flights with the same airline I had worked for since I was 20 years old. We put our energy into planning a few great holidays to Nepal and India, in between work and weekend trips to Ikea.

It wasn’t contentment that led us to travel the world, homeless and essentially jobless whilst attempting to eke out a living from our creative pursuits. We reached a point where we knew the house(s), cars, jobs and flat-pack furniture just weren’t going to cut it. They weren’t making us happy and we knew they never would. We wanted to create a life that was uniquely ours.

When we announced our plan to sell everything and travel the world indefinitely, well-meaning friends told us it would “make us or break us.”

And they were right, but they didn’t know a little secret, we were already broken.  We were a pair of misfits who met in a foreign land, each with more baggage than a luggage carousel at LAX and we weren’t going to make it living the life we thought we should.

It’s been 360 days since we boarded a plane to Phnom Penh with the excitement of starting our journey to the unknown. We’re back in London where it all began, visiting Tyrhone’s Mum and sister. It’s the first time they’ve been together in three years, and it’s been great seeing them again. 

London is the same, but we are different. We’re better than we were on so many levels, individually and as a couple, enjoying our work and the small amount of income it brings in because it’s from something we created;  its value measured in ‘months on the road’ rather than bills that need paying.

It’s been the most amazing year.

Challenging, confronting, scary, joyful, exhilarating, creative and fulfilling. The way life is meant to be, for us, and I’m so excited to embark on year number two.

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And if you would like a website designed for a blog or business (that’s almost as pretty as mine!), take a look at Tyrhone’s graphic design site, Eye Pudding.



Back in London Town Where it All Began — 40 Comments

  1. What a great post Sarah! There is so much feeling and happiness in it, I smiled while reading it. Good for you guys! I hope the next 360 days will be even better! Keep writing, I really enjoy reading about your adventures! What’s next, by the way?

    OurLifeExperiments recently posted..Balcones Canyonlands NWR, TXMy Profile

    • Thank you so much guys (Maria, I take it?)! Looking forward to a change of pace – we’re setting up a base in our favourite country so far… And that was a terribly obvious clue!

  2. I can’t believe you’ve been gone for a year. I feel like, out of the little “group” I’ve somehow formed in this travel blogging business, you led the pack. First you, then Kim, then Hannah. Next: me! Now I just need a blog. But seriously, you and Tyrhone are such huge inspirations to me. I can’t wait to see what year #2 holds for you!

      • Yes, we are. Just need to decide on a name finally. We’ll start it soon, but you know, gotta get that name, do all the techy stuff I don’t know how to do, make it look good…oh yeah, and write about stuff.

        190 days until we quit.
        227(ish) days until we leave.
        But who’s counting??

  3. Gave me goosebumps! Looking forward to reading about your next year of adventures :-)

  4. I was there to share the start, and now you’re here sharing with me the unique closeness you and Tykes have, the writing and ‘inside’ stories of your adventures, it’s been a wonderful time to have before your next adventures start, they’re going to be quite something to wait for, love you lots, Heather xx

  5. I wanted to write a comment about how much you kill it when you go all introspective and retrospective in your posts, but I’m still in a daze from that last photo. Seriously, you too look so hale & glowing, it’s like it was ripped from a catalogue. Gorgeous!
    Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) recently posted..Reaching ThirtyMy Profile

  6. Wow!

    How refreshing to read about two like minded people! We feel exactly the same, especially about the flat pack furniture!

    We travelled for 18 months, went back to London refused to get jobs and started our websites. Now we live in London in summer (well when its there!) and anywhere warm in winter. We have a lot less money but live a much better lifestyle. Like you guys we were fed up of paying for stuff that we did not need.

    Anyhow, good luck and if we are ever in the same city, lets hook up for a beer!

    Take care,

    Paul (globalhelpswap)

  7. Congrats on a whole year of travel! I’m almost at the point you were a year ago, about to leave London and set out on my adventure – I really hope my first year on the road is amazing and illuminating as yours has been.
    Amy recently posted..Visiting WalesMy Profile

  8. Hey Sez! That photo of you guys in the snow is absolutely the most beautiful thing. Love you lots, god bless and 1DAAT xxxxx karen r

    • Thank you darling I have been meaning to email you a huge thankyou for your HUGE donation to Frank water so Im sorry you beat me to it!!! Lots of love Kaz, all good this end thank you so much for your message it made my day :)

  9. This is great, there’s clearly no question as to whether this was right for you. Amy and I are in the same situation, having all the furniture and flat means nothing really to us. We’ve sold it all and are off in just over a week! Can’t wait! Best if luck for year No. 2.
    Andrew recently posted..Liebster Blogging AwardsMy Profile

  10. Hi Sarah! Just started following you, and after reading this I am excited to learn there are ‘others out there’ that are not afraid to embark on the unknown! Interestingly, I am also South African, been living in the UK since 2000 and currently living in Scotland! I love your username – Sarahsomewhere – as we are all ‘somewhere’…. and never (thanks to the internet!) quite alone! Loving the journey!

    • Hi Liechen! It’s so lovely to hear from you, thank you for following along. I have yet to go to Scotland, but am looking forward to getting there in the next few years. Yes, who knows where we will end up but it’s sure to be somewhere 😉 Keep living your dream!