Driving Through Fear

Hannah and I had a rickshaw lesson back in Goa, which calmed me somewhat about the prospect of driving one across the sub-continent. If you have been following the Rickshaw Run Diaries, you will know that I have been freaking out a bit about actually having to do this really cool thing that I signed up for almost a year ago. Well, I’m happy to report that we had our first test drive in Jaisalmer yesterday, and despite a few stalls, a couple of shrieks and a multitude of F words, I came out unscathed.

Actually, I had a blast, and no-one is more shocked about that than me!

I have been very blessed to be surrounded by positive people, and back when I decided to take this on, Tyrhone was absolutely supportive, if only a little jealous that he wouldn’t have the ‘adventure of a  lifetime’ he knew I was going to have. Both Kim and Hannah have remained steadfast and positive too – Kim only arrived in India for the first time two days ago, and yet when we met her on the train to Jaisalmer, she was nothing but excited to take on this challenge.

I, on the other hand have suffered numerous freak-outs interspersed with moments of faith and clarity; I wish it were the other way ’round, but at the moment that’s the way I’m built, and sometimes the negative voice that tells me I’m crazy is so powerful I believe it.

A week ago on the 21/12, I was blessed to receive a reading from a beautiful new friend who had been studying the Mayan calendar. Without trying to explain something I know very little about, the reading was based on my birth date, using one of the many calendars the Mayans developed (I thought there was just the one that ended on 21/12/12, but apparently not so!).

She told me my purpose was to be a messenger, and that my birth date was associated with the symbol of a hand, meaning that I would carry a message through my actions. She told me I was like an eagle, and could oversee situations from above (but as I am afraid of heights I am yet to fully understand this one!). Also, that I would become aware of synchronicity in my life; that every moment is absolutely perfect, and I am always exactly where I am meant to be.

She also informed me of my challenges, which were not taking care of my own needs before others, and lacking self-belief. These both really resonated with me – though I have made huge progress in both these areas, I am still prone to please other people instead of myself, and lack faith in myself and my abilities more often than I would like.

To say my encounter with this lovely woman was life-altering sounds dramatic, but I’ve been called a Drama Queen on more than one occasion so I’m okay with that. Often it takes an insightful soul to remind us of our path; to help us reaffirm what we already know deep down, and this was one such encounter I will forever be grateful for.


The beautiful Mandala she made for our rickshaw

In the next couple of weeks I will no doubt be faced with the best and worst of myself, my teammates and the people who we will cross paths with along the way. I have no idea how this is all going to go, or what I am actually capable of. But yesterday proved to me that in spite of my proclivity to be overcome with fear and to listen to the negative voice that tells me I can’t do things, actually, I can.

Hell, I might even have the time of my life.

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*I would like to thank everyone who has supported us, we are so grateful for your words of encouragement! Please help us spread the word about the Rickshaw Run and Frank Water by sharing our story with your friends via Facebook, twitter, or a good ol’ fashioned chat. Thank you!



Driving Through Fear — 17 Comments

  1. Great photos Sar, you girls will have the time of your life what great memories when you have finished. You can laugh about all the things that go wrong.
    Take care. Happy Birth Day Darling for tomorrow.

    • Thank you Mum, so far, so good, I actually enjoy driving the thing which is a great relief!! Love you and thank you so much for your support and encouragement XXX

  2. Hey, when you wake up in the morning … HAPPY BIRTHDAY!. Hope its full of more adventures and some great food. Enjoy your special day. Love Penny ‘n Stu

  3. Oh Sarah…I can’t tell you how often your writing and your fears/insecurities/neurosis remind me of myself sometimes. This is probably why I want to yell at you and tell you that you’re beyond capable enough to take on any challenge you face. And why I feel so humbled to see you actually do it. I’m glad you have such strong and positive women around you for this…just continuing prayers for you that you see how essential you and your talents are to this team too! I’m super excited for you all and can’t wait to read about your adventures.

    Happy birthday!!!
    Carmel recently posted..Thanksgiving RecapMy Profile

  4. I’m so excited for you all that I’m going to pee my pants!!! I showed Andy a photo of the three of you and he said “they all look so happy”….. what a great story you will have to share with others!!! Lovely post on fear….. I say look at it, embrace it, hold hands with it, and tell it…..it’s in for a ride of its life…… Good luck and I can’t wait for the posts.

    Also, Happy Birthday…xo

  5. Happy birthday Sar! I can’t wait to hear about this awesome adventure. The best adventures and tales ever are the ones where everything isn’t perfect!! It seems you’ve got 2 great chicks to share it with and that’s the best start you could hope for. Take care love x

  6. Well I am pleasantly surprised to see your rickshaw . . .
    For some reason I had it in my head that it was going to be one of those ones where you run along (or cycle) with the other 2 sitting in the back!!!
    So this is a breeze in comparison!
    Love the mandala and also love the book you so kindly sent me.
    Belated birthday wishes oh brave and adventurous one.
    May the force be with you!

  7. Ah how cool you had a Mayan reading done- I believe in Astrology and Tarot so reading about your experience put a smile on my face. Yes, It’s so true that we are exactly where we need to be as we continue in our adventure in life- even if we’re not always sure of where we’re going or what we’re doing.

    So proud of you for following your heart and continously trying to nip your fear in the butt! You rock!

    I’m eager to follow your journey and see how it unfolds for you three! woo woo
    Lauren recently posted..Photo essay: Istanbul, TurkeyMy Profile