Driving Through Fear

First drive Sarah

Hannah and I had a rickshaw lesson back in Goa, which calmed me somewhat about the prospect of driving one across the sub-continent. If you have been following the Rickshaw Run Diaries, you will know that I have been freaking out a bit about actually having to do this really cool thing that I signed up for almost a year ago. Well, I’m happy to report that we had our first test drive in Jaisalmer yesterday, and despite a few … Keep reading…

Touching Down in Goa (Finally)

Columb bay Goa

I made it to India! It was such a weird yet wonderfully familiar feeling touching down on Indian soil. I had a long, 8 hour transit in Chennai airport, which let me tell ya, was nothin’ to write home about (even though I am). My boredom was interspersed, however, with quiet chuckles as I was reminded of the wonderful idiosyncrasies of this country I love so much.

Shiny Things

Christmas bauble

I leave tomorrow for India. Our brief sojourn in Australia en route to our next destinations has gone blindingly quick. I said goodbye to Tyrhone last Friday, the lead up of which was worse than the actual event (often the case with things I’m worried about). We’re having family Christmas tonight – prawns, turkey, the whole bit. I told my little niece Santa may even make an exception and deliver some gifts early since I’m leaving tomorrow. … Keep reading…

Amazing Mexico City

sears view

I didn’t know much about Mexico City before we arrived. The first time I heard about the place was at a quiz night, many years ago. The question was, “Which city has the most amount of taxis per square meter?” and after each table got the answer wrong with answers like “New York,” and “Bombay”, a girl proudly stood up and announced, “Mexico City!” This was before the days of Google being accessed by hidden-under-the-table smart phones, so despite the … Keep reading…