5 Must-See Hiking Destinations

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Hiking can be a fun and rewarding adventure with great exercise benefits and the opportunity to see natural landscapes. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, there are a number of possibilities available regarding location, terrain, and level of difficulty. If you are looking to travel someplace with breathtaking scenery for amazing hiking, here are five must-see hiking destinations around the world.

Saalbach, Austria

Located in the Glemm valley in the Austrian Alps, you will find Saalbach hiking holidays afford postcard-perfect views of beautiful mountains, lush green grasses, and grazing livestock. It is best to hike on sunny days to get a clear view of the valley. The trails are well-marked, making Saalbach ideal for the novice mountaineer. If you are more experienced and want a challenge, try hiking to Geisstein, the highest peak in the Glemmtal; the trail finishes at Lengau. There are other routes such as the Spieleckkogel or Tristkogel offering spectacular vistas across hillsides and lakes, and many paths can be reached by train. Find Saalbach Austria holidays from Inghams.co.uk.


Queen Charlotte Track, New Zealand

This hiking destination located in beautiful New Zealand begins at Ship’s Cove and ends at Anakiwa. The route takes walkers along the Marlborough Sounds, which also offers ‘freedom walking’ (the local term for camping), kayaking, and even mountain biking for part of the season. It is 44 miles long, and backpackers have the option to stay in comfortable resorts along the trail route.


Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Some of the tallest peaks in the world can be found along the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, with heights reaching up to an altitude of 17,749 feet. One of the longest and most popular hiking trails in the world, some have been prone to altitude sickness here. Additionally, these mountains are among the most dangerous to climb, so stick to a hiking trail and travel with a group of experienced people. Along the route you can see Buddhist temples, hot springs, and beautiful millet fields, exposing all to dynamic natural and cultural experiences.


Inca Trail, Peru

With a trail ending at Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail leads hikers to three sets of Inca ruins. The terrain ranges from alpine to jungle, and the eye takes in miles and miles of greenery. A fit person can manage the moderate-level trail in four days. An Inca Trail Permit is required, and it is recommended to make the 45-kilometre journey with a group.


Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Towering at almost 20,000 feet, Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s tallest walkable mountains. What is essential is a fit body and a tour operator that will take you along an established route. Again, be careful when dealing with altitude sickness and turn back if you need to – it can be lethal. The hike starts near the equator and continues through five climatic regions, ranging from forests to grasslands to glacial valleys. Along the way, hikers are guaranteed spectacular scenery and an experience to treasure.


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