First Glimpses of Bali

God I love this place. From the moment I caught a glimpse of these volcanic peaks spearing the cloud line, I was filled with the wonder that is Bali. It’s a land I have visited so many times, throughout so many stages of my life, and each time I am given a renewed perspective on it.

After the most luxurious sleep last night(what else can you call sleeping for eleven hours in a four-poster bed?), I grabbed a bicycle from the guesthouse and road along the coastline of Sanur.

These kids were hilarious. I wanted to take a photo of the kid with the knife, I think they were fixing a kite (which makes it perfectly okay for a five-year old to wield a sharp blade!), but then they all started posing, which meant of course the knife got flashed around as a cool prop.

Luckily no-one got hurt, although I did get accosted by the little guy in front, who was more interested in pushing buttons on my camera (maybe he can teach me a few things!), than in seeing himself on the screen. Definitely a budding photographer, here is one of his best shots:

nice angle!

There are so many things I’m loving about Bali already, the mild June weather, sleeping DIAGONALLY in my own bed, the quaint guest house I’m staying at, the sleepiness of Sanur. Even the constant stream of “Hello where you go today?” brings a smile to my face, as I politely say “This way” in the direction my bike points towards.

And while I’ll be catching up with friends from tomorrow, I’ve really enjoyed the last two days of solitary wandering. After a beach-front yoga class this evening, I had a beautiful dinner at a nearby cafe, Rendang curry, followed by banana fritters and ice cream. When I requested another scoop of vanilla (merely to get the ratios right), I didn’t feel at all guilty at all.



First Glimpses of Bali — 24 Comments

    • Yes, I think it is. Even though bali is quite developed it still holds a special charm for me, and I’m looking forward to seeing some less developed parts :)

  1. What a great first shot you got out the window of the plane! A girl from my lab just got back from a three-week trek around SEA and she said that Bali was her absolute favorite stop on the trip. She was particularly impressed with how friendly everyone was, which surprised me, because I know that Bali is quite heavily touristed (in terms of Indonesia), so I wondered if the people there might be a bit jaded. Looks like you made the right decision heading there, and I can’t wait to hear about more of your adventure!

    • Thanks Steph, it seems the cool thing to say these days is “Bali is ruined” or its too touristy, but I’ve come to believe that it doesn’t matter that some parts are over-developed, you can choose to dive straight in with the craziness, shopping, niightlife, or take yourself away somewhere quiet, its up to you.
      I’ve found a middle ground with Sanur, quiet enough, but close enough to everything. I am looking forward to discovering some new parts of Bali and beyond though.
      As for the people, they have a very strong spiritual connection to the Island, their families and each other. They welcome tourists with open arms as a natural progression of Bali’s development. In some areas they can be very persistent when selling things, but polite refusal usually does the trick. But yes, they are very peaceful, friendly people :)

  2. I want to be there so badly! Your pictures brought back such amazing memories we have of the island. Enjoy!

  3. What a great way to begin your trip. Beautiful photos- love the colorful one of the boat with kids on the beach.

  4. Bali clearly suits you – you sound so happy and peaceful here. And your photos are wonderful – that has to be the best shot from a plane I have ever seen! I’m obsessed with volcanoes and mountains, so was in heaven when I was in Bali. Can’t wait to get back there – but for now I’m happy living vicariously though you :)

  5. Hey babe, really good photos, I would say you have the hang of that thing. Sounds like your having fun, although I am sure devastated I’m not there :)

  6. I miss the temples and sunset dinner by the beach in Jimbaran and the lovely people and volcanoes and lakes. I MISS BALI!

  7. Bali looks awesome! I’ve heard that in the last few years Bali has become swarming with tourists but it looks like you have found a serene, peaceful and beautiful place there. Photos of the kids is adorable!

    • Thanks Vicky, Bali is an island of paradox, and yes, some of it is hugely overdeveloped. Thankfully there are still amazingly peaceful and beautiful places left to discover :)