Cambodia: Land of Smiles

After four months on the road, I wanted to make a little ‘film’ to commemorate the beautiful people and places we have experienced. But I got stuck on Cambodia.

As the first destination on our Indefinite Travel Adventure, it will always remain a very special place to us. We had such a wonderful time there, the people are by far the most warm and friendly that I have ever experienced anywhere in the world.

Cambodia is a very special place, with a bloody history of  war and genocide, limited infrastructure, economic instability and the corruption that plagues so many developing nations. And yet its people radiate generosity, forgiveness, acceptance.

We’ve never felt more welcome in a country.

I hope you enjoy watching…



Cambodia: Land of Smiles — 14 Comments

    • Oh no this is not my first, I’m like a totally renowned film maker! Kidding. Yes, a first attempt, it was fun, think I’ll do more!!! Thanks Mike :)

  1. Wow, what an experience. 4 months already. Do you feel like you’ve changed significantly? Or discovered anything about yourself you’re willing to share? You’re not helping this longing I’m already feeling! :)

    • Hmmm, big questions!!! I might have to write a post on that. Probably the biggest thing I have learnt about myself is that I am a people person. Obviously travel is about seeing new things, but my enjoyment of other cultures comes from interactions with people.
      That longing you have is good! It’ll ensure you follow through with your dreams and will make realising them even more worthwhile. Thanks Carmel :)

  2. Wow, I loved that! It was so nice to get more of an insight into the places you have been, and see more of your beautiful photos. I’m so glad you are practicing this new skill now… it’s gonna come in handy next year :)

    • Thanks Hannah, it was fun for me to relive Cambodia, we have such fond memories of it. I really enjoyed making it, really looking forward to more, should hone my skills a bit by the end of the year :)

  3. Simply brilliant muffin. CANNOT wait to see you soon and hear all the stories for myself. xkel

  4. Sarah, such a wonderful video. Good work! Was it hard to make? I’m sort of interested in doing one but sure I would suck at it.

    We got our Indian visas today!!!!!

    • Hi Kim, I used Windows Movie Maker, very user friendly for a novice like me. I believe you have a Mac? I’m sure they have a similar program. Woohoo on the visas!!!!!

  5. So great to hear you loved your time in Cambodia! We will be spending a month there at the end of this year!

    • Wow! I’m excited for you Vicky, it’s a wonderful country that we only saw a tiny bit of in our month there, so I am sure you will have an amazing time :) Enjoy!

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Wow you guys have been busy!! I’m heading to Cambodia & Vietnam in January for a month. I’m so much more pumped after watching your you tube video!!
    Good work and be safe

    Shannon xx

    • Hey is this Shannon from Brisbane? Regardless, thanks so much for watching and I’m so glad the video got you pumped, it’s an amazing country!!! Haven’t been to Vietnam but I’m sure you will have a blast, maybe you can make a movie for me?! :)