We Have A Date For Our RTW Adventure!

Today was a very special day. Yesterday, after conducting a monumental clean out of all our junk, paper work and other stuff not able to fit into a 40L backpack, we were mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. The thing about chucking out stuff is, you have to sort through it in order to decide what needs to be kept and what needs to get chucked. And then there’s this annoying category entitled, “I know I don’t need it or have any use for it in my life and the last time I even looked at it was during my last Big Clean Out, but I can’t bear to part with it,” or something like that.

The dance goes something like this: look at it, remember the time when that thing was of such monumental importance you, which leads you to remembering all the things that were of such monumental importance to you during that time of your life, before quickly realizing how much time has passed since this thing was so important, and that your life has changed so much that the thing no longer bears any real resemblance to your current values but remains merely a token of nostalgia from life already lived.

And then you chuck it.

At least that’s what I did, but not without acknowledging its once honoured place in my life.

Even Tyrhone agreed, who is as sentimental as a tree frog at the best of times, that it was a somewhat emotional purge to let go of so much stuff, a re-living of the past, before releasing oneself from its grips.

Note: I am actually unsure as to the sentimental nature of tree frogs, but can only imagine them to be intensely focussed on the present moment and unfussed by past bug-eating pursuits.

But I’m not as ruthless as I sound. I am keeping some stuff in my Mum’s shed while we travel. Photos mainly, as well as all my old video tapes of childhood dance performances and accompanying costumes (for my niece’s dress up box).

My 65L backpack will also stay behind (in case the 40L thing doesn’t work out) filled with thermal underware, my hiking boots, and down sleeping bags that we won’t be taking to South East Asia, but may come in handy for Canada and South America.

And of course our important documents, mortgage papers in case we have to prove to someone that we did in fact own a home at some point, birth certificates, a book of Tyrhone’s drawings in case they’re worth millions some day, and his yet unpublished, epic philosophical work, entitled “An Individual’s Persective on Living and Dying,” written after a particularly bad acid trip a long, long, time ago.

So we collapsed on the couch after an uncharacteristically productive day, with heavy limbs and light hearts from the satisfaction of being one big step closer to realising our dreams of indefinite travel.

And then…

The next morning I received a phone call from my manager notifying me that she had secured me a leaving date for the redundancy package I had applied for, and my heart did what felt like a thousand flips, whilst my head repeated over and over again, “this is it! It’s happening!”

Now the most unbelieveable thing about this is, for the entire time we have been preparing for our RTW adventure, my company has not been able to notify me as to when they would be getting “letting me go”.

I on the other hand, knew that I wanted to go in February, just after or during the annual leave that I am required to take. So I put it out there in to the universe with confidence and a quiet belief that if it were the right thing for me, it would happen.

And it did! Or at least it’s going to….

I am in awe of the chain of events over the last few months, that started with an idea, and has become our reality.

From applying for the redundancy offered by my company back in September, to putting the house on the market in November, selling in January, and thanks to today’s phone call, securing a departure date of around February 6th (okay, its not totally final) for our flight to Thailand, I am gobsmacked!

What felt like an agonizing wait, is almost over!

In four weeks, all going well, we will be on a flight to Thailand, our first destination and entry point to the vast wonders of South East Asia. Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and beyond beckon…

And we couldn’t be happier.

Just have to say goodbye to the family yet (gulp), which will be another emotional hurdle to jump (or dribble over) before setting off to follow our dreams of living in the world.

But that’s a whole other post, and for today, we celebrate!





We Have A Date For Our RTW Adventure! — 21 Comments

  1. OMG Sarah!!!!!!!!!! So amazing that it has all worked out, and so quickly, thought I know that the Universe works this way and shouldn’t be surprised. What a whilwind (sp?) for you… I can’t imagine as my “pre-trip” stage has lasted years and years. UNBELIEVEABLE!!! And, might we be in South America at the same time?

  2. Hey, if I stay up late, we’re on the same timezone!! Well, you know what I mean! I certainly hope our paths will cross, but I can’t see us getting to South America until at least early 2013, so I fear you may have already left by then. But I have no doubt, that somewhere, somehow, we will be in the same place. I’m putting it out there… :)

  3. AMAZING!!!!!! Congrats! So excited for you both. It’s going to be a cracker of a year! :)

  4. This is where the adventure begins. With a departure date. So like I said to a friend of mine just a few days ago, set sail from the harbor of safety and mediocrity out into the vast deep oceans of possibility. You’ll be glad you did and at the end of it you won’t regret it for a moment.

    • Thanks Phil, what is bizarre is that you both have the same birthday!!! Who looks after the other that day? Do you split the day into shifts?! Hope to see you both soon xxx

  5. haha i know all about that category – ‘i haven’t worn this for 3 yrs but i just can’t bear to throw it out. I’m sure I’ll wear it someday :)’

    congrats!!! I’ll be in thailand at end of feb xxxx

  6. Aaaaahhhhh!!!! Sar!! My goodness my friend, it’s happening…. And now…. Not in April, now! So excited for you I feel like I’m coming with you (maybe that’s the magic of the blog, is it? only new to this). Love the tree frog bit.

    • Thanks so much!!!! I thought it was silly, I’m so glad you had a chuckle :) You did chuckle didn’t you?! Love ya mate, keep me posted with your travels too x

  7. Somewhat new reader here. We are a year and a half away from travel, but I’ve begun purging things that I know I won’t miss. I keep looking at all the stuff I WILL miss and am trying to figure out how in the world I’ll ever part with it. I’m already exhausted and I’ve barely even thought about the hard stuff. Amazing how the Universe gives us hints when we’re willing to pay attention, though, huh? Congratulations! Good luck on your adventure!

  8. Hi Carmel, thanks for reading! Thinking about it is actually worse than the reality. A couple of months back, I took alot of clothes, books and other stuff to a market and sold it all for $500. At the time, it was difficult to part with certain things, but then, once I got home, I never missed any of it. I use that as proof that I think it’s going to be harder to live without stuff than it actually is. Good luck with your travel planning, just saw your Mac’n’cheese photo and I am soooo hungry now!!!!

  9. I couldn’t believe how much stuff I actually had until I started going through it all; also stored a few things in a few places but got rid of the majority. I love the expression: “Whatever you own, owns you.” You’ll feel better with just the core stuff that you need, the rest of it usually sits there and takes up space anyway. According to the 80/20 principle: we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time so you won’t miss 80% of your clothes. CONGRATS!

    • Thanks Mike! So true. I couldn’t agree more. One thing we are so looking forward to is traveling light- mentally and physically. It’s going to be a great feeling when the stress of getting rid of everything and sorting through mountains of paperwork and red tape are over. Bring it on!!!!!!

  10. OMG, so happy for you! Good luck with the rest of your preparations! :) A small tip, if you ever feel the need to unwind, as travel can be exhausting, go to Trang and/or Koh Mook, it is paradise here!

  11. Just re-read this post and realised I hadn’t commented. How could I miss the chance to say WOO HOO! Go Sarah (and Tyrhone)!!! It must feel amazing to know you are finally on your way. All your hard work has paid off and that beautiful road of adventure is stretching out before you. Enjoy you first few steps into a new life – I can’t wait to read all bout it :)

  12. Wow Sarah, it’s fantastic news that you have a date. Will miss flying with you but looking forward to sharing your journey with your blogs. X