Following Your Dream Is Hard Work

You could say Tyrhone and I are at a low point in our dream planning… I mean, we’re still trying to remain positive, thanks to the amazing adventure ahead of us (and at least a year of not working, yeeha!) but there is a hell of a lot of work to do before we actually get on that plane…

Thai island sunset

Selling The House

As I write this, rain is pelting down outside, which I have a great view of thanks to the crystal clear windows I cleaned today. I have a chesty, coughy, sicky bug thing (the official medical term), so am off work for the day, but because our house is open for inspection on Saturday, I have been cleaning windows. And vacuuming window frames. Thrilling stuff.

All I wanna do is curl up in bed, but the shower door is calling me, saying “clean me, no-one is gonna buy a house with a scummy shower screen.” Damn talking shower screen.

And the weeds I broke my back pulling out last week are laughing at me in an annoyingly shrill weedy voice, saying “Ha ha ha! look how fast we have grown back with all this rain!” I want to slap them. But I’ve decided I’ll poison them instead…

Instead of enjoying the rainy weather from the comfort of my bed, I’m thinking, “I hope the weather clears by Saturday, the garden looks so much better in the sun.”

Selling a house is hard work, or at least getting it ready for sale is. I am constantly de-cluttering surfaces, scrubbing tile grout and dusting venetian blinds (what were those Venetians thinking? Man, they are tough to clean) in order to present THE FAKE HOUSE. This house is far cleaner, much shinier and smells nicer than the house we usually inhabit.

It’s benches are free from bread crumbs, olive oil bottles and used coffee mugs.

It’s bathroom smells of lavender, its sink showing no stains of make-up. Its plug is hair-less, its mirror splatter-free.

The kitchen table is actually visible due to the absence of bills, and last week’s news paper that I am definitely going to get around to reading.

It’s a version of our normal, junky house, but it’s not real. And it has taken a LOT of work to look so effortlessly minimal.

I quite like it, as I sit here on the sofa, trying not to disturb the perfectly placed cushions, but I know it’s the fake house, and it’s gonna be bloody hard to maintain for the next month (I’m choosing to be hopelessly optimistic) whilst we show potential buyers how they, too, can live in clutter-less bliss.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to work we go…

So whilst I am in charge of Operation Fake House, Tyrhone is on Operation Work Like a Dog, and as we speak is getting ready to burn the midnight oil (again) in order complete the printing and framing of an entire house-full of his original digital art.

This is second to his day job of Graphic Design and sign installation, which already requires heaps of overtime, stress and responsibility.

And this is certainly not the hardest he has worked this year…

He hasn’t been able to save over a year’s pay by twiddling his thumbs, the man has worked himself to the bone for the last couple of years, and whilst the end is in sight, we’re not quite there yet…

So, I’ll be expecting him home at about 2am again, and up again at 7  (him, not me, silly!) to head back to work.

Getting rid of stuff is time-consuming!

I cashed-in at a car boot sale a few weeks ago. I sold off heaps of books, clothes, and other general junk and made $560.

I was very happy with this result, and though I agonised over a few things (my Calvin Klein wool jacket I bought from New York a few years ago for $100, and sold for $5) I honestly don’t miss any of it.

It was a full weekend of work though. I spent the best part of Saturday loading everything into my car, then was up at 4am Sunday to secure my bay at the market. It was all over by about 1030am, but I was smashed.

Selling junk can be lucrative, but it is hard work.

We are full steam ahead with our plans, and comfortable with our decision to sell everything and travel indefinitely, but we still have a lot of hard work to do before we get there.

Trying to stay positive and not get overwhelmed by to-do lists is a challenge, but we have our eye on the prize, and are planning to escape to a Thai Island to recuperate as soon as we have checked everything off our list.

The prospect of having nothing to do but decide between pad thai or tom yum goong, is sounding really good right about now… BRING. IT. ON.



Following Your Dream Is Hard Work — 9 Comments

  1. Great post- you’re right, following your dream is hard work.. much harder than just staying put, going to work, and continuing along the path.

    We aren’t selling our apartment, but the thought of having to rent it out and then somehow manage our tenants while we’re away is giving me severe anxiety. It’s definitely easy to work myself up into a frenzy if I don’t stay focused on each step.

    I hope your house sells quickly- how nice to not have to worry about it once you’re away!

  2. I’m sure there’s lots to do and not easy stuff like selling a house. Mark and I were sitting on our balcony on the weekend and talking about you and your choice for indefinite adventure. We are envious in the nicest possible way. How many times have I heard Oprah say ‘follow your dream’, yes I watch too much day time television now that I’m part time. Anyway, it may be tough at times but other people stress about mortgages and kids and thats usually a life long concern, also one of the reasons why I only have a mortgage and no kids as I figure stress will be cut be over 50%. If I had neither I would be packing my bags as well. (big breath in and sigh…BBIAS)

  3. Thanks Elaine, I bawled my eyes out during Oprah’s last episode! And her message really rang true with me too ( I love her and don’t care what anyone says!).
    We are lucky that this is something we both want, and are very open to the fact that in a few years we may want this all back again. Or maybe we won’t! That’s the beauty of it I guess, the unknown…
    Thanks for your support, it really means a lot, and I wish you all the best in your own adventures x x x

  4. So true! I am grateful for the problems I have today, at least they don’t involve boredom and feeling unfulfilled! Those were the feelings I had before we decided to bite the bullet and go after our dreams. I hear you, it can be overwhelming dealing with the ‘red tape’ of making such a huge change, but like you said, one step at a time!
    Writing about it was actually quite therapeutic, I’d recommend it! All the best for your plans and thanks for taking the time to comment :)

  5. Good luck! I so totally understand how you feel. I spent a whole day vacuuming out the little pits of the windows (what are those things called?). I cleaned in places never cleaned before… but it did pay off. Lucky people work hard!

    • So true, faith will move mountains but I still have to bring the shovel! Thanks Kim, making huge progress towards attaining our dream of indefinite travel, and the hard work just makes it more worthwhile. Thanks for reading, it is a huge comfort to ‘know’ someone going through the same process… :)

    • My advice- don’t buy anything then, least of all real estate! Stuff is harder to get rid of than you think! Feels really good to be doing what we have only dreamed about though, thanks for reading :)
      At this stage, I think we will start in Thailand, I have only been to Bangkok and Hua Hin, so looking forward to retreating to a secluded Island somewhere… any recommendations?