Hello World! Deciding To Travel Long-term

I thought the WordPress template title was very fitting for my first ever blog post! Not that I am expecting to take over the world with this site or anything, I mean, success is great but I’m sure world domination is overrated. Not to mention stressful!

And where I am at the moment, stress is something I would really like to avoid. I’ve been getting inspired by some ‘re-design your life’  type blogs, like Almostfearless.com, and one could say that I am in the process of re-designing mine. I recently applied for a voluntary redundancy from my job of ten years to travel long-term and live my dreams.  And I’m freaking out. A little. But mostly I’m excited. Ok, I’m s#%^t scared!

I’ve probably got a few months of paid work to go, before they set me lose on the world, and although I have some vague travel plans (volunteering in Cambodia, hiding out in Thailand and learning Spanish in Mexico) this impending drastic change has me mood-swinging from elation to depression inducing fear from one moment to the next!

I suppose this is normal, considering I started working for the company straight out of university, and ten years later, I’m still there.. It’s all I have ever known. And it has been a good job that has afforded me amazing experiences.

So why leave?

I read something in a trashy mag the other day (at work, he he) that kinda summed up my situation. It said, “ask yourself if nothing changed in two years, how would you feel? In five? Ten?”

Well my answer would be, disappointed. That I didn’t follow my heart and take a risk and really experience the world and all it offers, while I had the chance.
Ok, therapy session over, I’ll write about some travel next time, promise. Oh that’s right, as yet, I’m the only reader of this blog!

Happy traveling, whatever your journey may be,


Hello World! Deciding To Travel Long-term — 7 Comments

  1. wow…how would you feel if nothing had changed in two/five/ten years…. that will put things in perspective!! I’m going to be pondering that for awhile.

  2. Read first blog & inspired to read more! Your not living if your not taking risks so wish you all the best with your year of adventure ahead.

  3. Dear Sarah from a year ago and Sarah of today, congratulations! What a wonderful journey you had. And thank you for taking me along for the wonderful ride. Looking forward to more beautifull journey with you.