10 things Not to Miss In Morocco

Morocco is a country visited by millions each and every year. What are ten of the must-see tourist attractions that are not to be missed?


1. Volubilis

Volubilis is the present-day ruins of a ancient Roman town located in the western part of the country. Due to the arid climate here, many of the old structures have been preserved to this day. One can develop a unique understanding of how a traditional Roman city operated.

2. Meknes

Meknes is another important imperial city that dates from the Roman times. As it has been continuously inhabited over the years, an interesting mix of Roman architecture alongside Moorish structures can be seen.

3. The Todra Gorge

This gorge is located within the heart of the Atlas Mountains. It is a truly spectacular sight; in some places the path is only a few feet wide while the sheer cliff walls can rise to over 160 metres (525 feet).

4. Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is known for its amazingly beautiful homes. Many of these are treated with a powder blue colour, thus allowing the entire town to present a truly unique radiance within the desert. There is also a type of goat cheese that is quite popular with tourists.

5. Essaouira

Essaouira is a walled city that includes a picturesque fishing port. Known for its pristine beaches and warm waters, this is a very popular location for those who enjoy surfing, swimming and jet skiing. This market village is also able to provide a rich assortment of arts and crafts to the visitor.

6. The Draa Valley

This immense valley is located just south of the famous Atlas Mountain range. Many consider this valley and its nearby river to be one of the most picturesque spots in the entire country. So, be certain to bring along a camera and plenty of film should you plan on visiting here.

7. Erg Chebbi

The red sands of this desert boast dunes that are as high as 150 metres in some places. Excursions are offered and one common way is through the use of a traditional camel. Just be sure that you are equipped with bupa travel insurance; losing a camera or a passport out here can be quite frustrating!

8. Ait Benhaddou

This ancient fortified city is located on the side of a large mountain and is one of the few traditional cities that appear much as they did centuries ago. Due to such a striking reflection of the past, Ait Benhaddou has appeared in such modern films as Gladiator.

9. Fes

This important city of 150,000 residents is the largest car-free urban area in the entire world. Known for its open-air markets, friendly atmosphere and amazing architecture, Fes is another must-see location.

10. Djemma el Fna

This market is located in central Marrakech. The stalls include snake charmers, monkey cages and countless varieties of local cuisine. This is also a great place to bring children, for there are storytellers and live-action plays to be enjoyed during the day or the evening.


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